Headless commerce

headless commerce

Headless commerce is a form of e-commerce architecture where the head or the frontal end is detached from the back-end commerce functionality, hence can be edited or updated without interfering with the head. This functionality is mainly similar to a headless content management system (CMS).

What are the benefits of headless commerce?

  • 1. Offers better employee adoption

Some organisations tend to be hesitant to adopt newer and unfamiliar technologies because of the steep learning curves involved. However, having a modern commerce platform coupled with the simplicity of headless commerce solves this issue, mostly because everyone in the team has adequate access and can update the front end without being forced to advance their skills.

  • 2. The right tools for the job

Headless commerce provides many brands with the necessary tools that help them create a customised experience that clients cannot get anywhere else. To better ensure brand-consistent experiences across channels, APIs are used to ensure coordinated assistance driven by standard commerce services, including product information, inventory, and promotion.

headless commerce
  • 3. Time savings across IT

Since changes can be made on the head, it can be made agile, where developers get to save time on user interface changes. Also, with the headless feature coupled by partner solutions, developers only need some light coding or a few clicks to kickstart commerce apps that increase conversion.

  • 4. Time to market

While using headless commerce, your business can quickly launch new head experiences and react to the newly acquired market can be achieved rapidly and at a cheaper cost than the back end development.

Bottom line

Several companies interested in improving their user experiences should know that headless commerce can be helpful when delivering better customer experience and satisfaction rates. Smart business people know that growth means quick pivoting to meet their new clientele’s needs and expectations.

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